Some People Can See Far More than Others

Tunnel vision is what i am talking about here. Some people can see differently than others, some people can see beyond the limits, You can recognize visionaries by their ability to see the big picture, while you talk about roads they are  talking about highways, while you talk about thousands, they’re already working for millions. Some people can recognise their greatness too quickly. Are you one of those people ?

• What’s Your tunnel Vision ? 

What gives your life a meaning or purpose ? Do you have a larger vision for yourself ? Visionary people are powerful enough to take actions, sometimes you can have a million dollars idea but if you’re not courageous enough and if you’re not a visionary person then the idea can go wasted.

We see many people in our lives that had those ideas but they never acted on those ideas, they never asked the universe for it. Why? because they’re not usung their imaginations.

Logic will get you from A to B but imaginations will take you anywhere ~ Elbert Einstine

• Are You Using Your Imagination Right ? 

Think about all those future possibilities that you’ve imagined for your life and now ask yourself for how long i’ve been holding myself back ? What is it that i need to do right now that will allow me to act ?

  • Positive Imagination  
  • Negative Imagination 


Positive imagination is when we use the power of thinking and conscious mind to turn our fantasies into realities.

Negative imagination is drowning most people, feeling miserable and seeing yourself as a weak person won’t get you anywhere in life. Stop saying i can’t and start saying i Can. Change the way you see yourself.

I hope you find what you’re looking for ~



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