Blame Vs Responsibility 


Blaming people for your own failure & faults is perhaps the most stupid thing to do. Blaming someone for your failures won’t change the outcome but it weakens you. We all have some common reasons that we blame for our mistakes, everyone got few of them.

Common reasons that we blame

  • Blaming the society
  • Blaming their family
  • Blaming the system
  • Even Blaming the country

We can spend our lives blaming others for what happened to us and it won’t change anything or we can do something about it and take ownership or it. That’s the sign of maturity when you don’t win and yet you don’t complain or blame the people around you.

I used to blame my negative relatives for my failures because they’d always put me down and count on me. But the only one that i wasn’t blaming was Myself and i had to rethink about this because i wasn’t blaming myself for my shortcomings.


It’s not what happens to you but it’s what you decide to do about it. Accept where you are and accept the responsibility of where you want to take yourself. Some people spend their life blaming and complaining about everything and they tell everyone how life has done them wrong, they’re so negative about life that all they do is just talk about how negative things are but they don’t do anything about it.

Disappointment is not something that is reserved for the poor only because everyone gets their share but it’s what you do about it that makes the change.


Two men wakes up one morning, one of them looks outside the window and there’s s rainstorm outside and he says ” Wow what a storm, well with a weather like this i can’t go out and make sales ” He stays home.

Same morning the other guy looks out the window and sees the same rainstorm and he says “wow what a storm ” but he says ” you know with a weather like this, what a great day to go out and make sales and everyone is probably at home especially the salesmen..”

See that’s the difference in your life it’s not what happens but it’s what you do about it.


12 thoughts on “Blame Vs Responsibility 

  1. So u mean to say is,
    When a rishta aunty comes to my house, sits in my room examine me thoroughly and tgen reject me just because, I m more educated then her son, or I have a darker complexion (bachay kaalay honge), or my sister is prettier than me, or ny house is too small, or I m from a middle class family,
    So I shouldn’t be disappointed, and should blame myself for being this way??
    So tell me my dear friend, should I get fairness injections , just because it’s my “RESPONSIBILITY” cause this is my “FAILURE” in life????

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    1. I completely understand the issue and i appreciate that you asked a question but here’s what i think it’s not your fault that you’re born with a certain skin colour so you can’t blame yourself for that. But Yes you can turn yourself around by educating yourself and achieving high goals, blaming yourself won’t help you, need to learn how to love yourself and care less about what an reshta aunty says because you’re smarter than that.

      For example you spend your entire life in writing a book and you’ve put in so much work in that book that you know it’s a master piece and a complete success but one day at a book store a guy walks in and he picks up another book right beside your book and he walks away so now does that mean your book is useless or not good enough? but you should realize that it’s just not your day today and be hopeful for the best because you know you deserve the best people to read your book.


    2. Yeah she should be disappointed. Disappointed with how the society treats women. Disappointed that women are treated like animals at the mandi. No, its not her job to look pretty all the time. It’s not her responsibility to fit into the mold that society has created for her.
      It breaks my heart to see folks with such backward attitude when it comes to rishtas


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