A Will To Fight Back

A will to come back and fight, think about it this way is it worth it to fight for your dreams ?Is your reason big enough that makes it worthwhile to fight for it and give it everything you got. Or is it the failure worse enough that makes it worthless to fight back ?

• Why you should give your 100% effort? 

Think about something you want for you, that’s real for you, something that has a special meaning in your life, something that will make your life more better & resourceful, think of any goal you want.

Now think about how important it is for you? think about how would your life if you decided to fight for it ? Think about why you want to achieve it ? Think about why’d you risk your life and career into achieving that dream ? is it important? If yes then why are you holding on back ? why not just sacrifice all your time & energy into creating your life great.


I was reading a book once about true love & power. They mentioned a small story about “Hope”, It’s when the King decides to conquer another country but it wasn’t as they expected  to be, the other side was much stronger. Now the King wasn’t feeling himself, he had lost many men and were almost out of weapons, the King’s assistant was a smart guy, he wrote a letter to the King’s wife about the situation and explained everything.

After reading it, the Princess writes back to her husband ( king) nobody knows what she wrote in that letter but right after reading it the king started crying and he said;

” For you i will fear no evil, your eyes give me strength, your name gives me hope ; I will use every fiber in body to win this battle & we shall taste victory “

He went on conquering that country later. 

Now everyone needs motivation of some sort, some people need just a little support and push, while some only need a letter to get them back in the game again. So i am saying that find out the reason to why you wanna be successful.


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