Patience Is The Key


They say rome wasn’t built in one day, So far it’s taken approximately 1,009,491 days to build Rome. Have you ever seen somebody that just builts a multi-million-dollar business in one day.., No right ? Because nobody can create an empire in a day.

It takes to be at the top, it takes alot of effort and hard work but most importantly patience is what you need. It took Walt Disney several years before he got his first book published. Micheal Jordon missed 9,000 shots over and over again before he could make it to the NBA. 

• You Might Not See It 

You might be wondering sometimes that after all this hard work and sleepless nights, why isn’t there any progress ? Why is this not working out as fast as i thought it will ?

If it doesn’t happens quickly doesn’t mean it won’t happen ever

• Example 

In the Far east there’s this tree called the “Chinese Bamboo Tree” Now the chinese bamboo tree takes Five years to grow and when they go through a process of growing it they have to water it and fertilize the ground everyday for the next five years.

It doesn’t break through the ground until the next five years, but once it breaks through the ground within next five weeks it grows 90 feet tall !! Now the question is does it grows in five weeks or five years ? The answer is obvious it grows ninety (90) feet tall in five years.

Sometimes you have to become stubborn in life for when things don’t work as fast as you think they will. Most people steps back as they don’t see quick results, it doesn’t happens quickly.

Imagine if you were watering that Chinese Bamboo Tree for 5 years and now think about all those people everyday telling you that ” What are you watering ? You’ve been out here for a long time man, there’s nothing on the ground don’t sweat it”. but If at any time you stopped watering and fertilising that dream, that bamboo tree would’ve died in the ground.



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