Easy is not an Option

It’s hard winning, it’s tough taking life on, it takes a lot of effort to be a winner, sometimes it is worth to risk it all for a dream that only you can see.

I want to share a story of struggle.


Despite his father being successful in wrestling he couldn’t make enough money for family, also his mother had to work as a maid to support the family. One day they came home and saw lock on their door because they couldn’t pay the rent and they were kicked out.

” My mother started crying and saying where are we going to live? what are we going to do?”

Even though he had a wrestling family background but he followed his dream of becoming a football star. But right after that his career in football came to an end because a severe injury took him off the field before he could hit the big grounds.


But that didn’t stop him, he kept going and started working out hard in the gym and got bigger than ever and soon he got his tryout match in wrestling.

” I was broke as hell & couldn’t even afford wrestling boots, knee pads or any wrestling gear ” 

But even after becoming a professional wrestler the WWF fans rejected him due to his cheesy character anf the chants of ” Die rocky Die” could be heard in his matches. But he didn’t stop and he defeated some biggest superstars of his era and turned his haters into fans.

Now on this day Dywane ” The rock ” Jhonson is one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood. And he’s worth more than 185$ Million dollars.




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