How To Overcome Different Situations In Life?

So what’s needed when you make a mistake, have setback or you simply fail. This week I’d like to share few habits that’ve helped me overcome different situations in life. I hope they will be useful for you too.


Accept Where You Are

You’ve failed, you’ve lost, you’ve been defeated and that’s alright accept where you are, accept the responsibility that ” i got me here and i’ll get me out of here ”  It’s a psychological fact that if you reject how you really feel then those emotions will pop up at unexpected times so it’s better to accept your reality, be brave enough to accept your mistakes.

• Remember It’s not over until You Stop

You’re not a failure just because you had a setback So it’s not over until you’ve given it all you got.  José M. Hernández’s journey to space lasted over two decades. The son of Mexican migrant workers was rejected 11 times by NASA before becoming a part of the 19th class of astronauts in 2004. Hernández describes ‘I was 42 when I got selected, I started applying when I was 20, my dad’s policy was that if you can walk, you can pick’ … Despite numerous obstacles, Hernández did eventually realize his dream of becoming an astronaut at the age of 42, it took him 20 years to be selected at NASA as a space flight engineer.

you’re gonna get rejected in life, you’ll face defeats, disappointments but that can’t discourage you.

• What are the reasons

Let me share a story:

Buster Douglas got knocked out while fighting Mike Tyson & no one ever got back up while being KO’d by Mike Tyson but Just before one day of the fight his mother had died, his wife was ill with a terminal illness, he came out from an alcohol recovery center, he was considered nothing, a bum, people said he’ll be dead inside the ring but Buster Douglas got back up on his feet & he fought back in the next round, he knocked out Mike Tyson can you believe this? he knocked out the prime Mike Tyson for the first time in history of boxing. Buster Douglas had a reason to get back up.

Your personal reason will help you get back up so remember why do you want it.

• Be Consistent in Your Actions

To be consistent requires a commitment on your part. Without consistency, you’ll never finish anything. Consistency is the hidden key to success, We stop trying after several times if we’re rejected. Keep fighting, keep being consistent if you want to finish. Crisis will come in your life no doubt about it and they’re gonna come by truck loads but consistency in your actions will get you out of there. In Chinese language crisis means Danger but it also means opportunity so a setback is an opportunity for you to grow.

• Ask Yourself Questions

  • What’s one thing I can learn from this?
  • What’s one thing I do can differently the next time?
  • What is it that i need to change in order to get what i want?
  • How bad do i want it?

• Seek help

You can’t climb the high mountains in life just by yourself it doesn’t work that way, don’t be shy to reach out for people and ask support and it’s also necessary that you help them back when needed, you have to give back to people that are closer to you. Everyone needs a hand to hold & a shoulder to cry on.


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