The struggle in life

Mostly i write blogs about the luxury & goals and dreams in life but today i decided to highlight the struggles in life. Life’s hard, say it like you know it’s hard, it’s rough, how people look at you, how they respond to you. Nothing comes easy to anyone in this life, everyone did their time and the hard work but most people go through life avoiding pain, most people like to do those things that comes easy for them, They’re not willing go into action, everybody wants the prize but nobody wants to pay the price. It takes courage to act, part of being hungry when you’ve been defeated, it takes courage. Even the most famous/successful people in this world went to through struggles in life but they believe in achieving not quitting.

   ” Don’t avoid the struggle in life, face your biggest fears and grab your victory “

• Conor McGregor
The remarkable rise of Irish UFC star Conor McGregor has gripped the sporting world, his unremarkable beginnings from a working-class Dublin plumber to his millionaire “Mac Life” persona.


Why is there so much struggle in life ?
 Struggling / hustling is necessary in order to get what you want. If you’re not willing to struggle in life you’ll end up doing nothing, achieving nothing. Struggle is the part of life, life is all about sacrificing & experimenting new ideas, life’s beautiful and worth living fully but the struggle is must, if you want to live life fully or if you want to make some major contributions to the society you must go through struggle. Whoever told you that life and success comes easy is either pleasing you, or talking nonsense, the term of overnight success is a myth, it doesn’t exist now don’t tell me about people winning lottery because that is something so rare.

• People like Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook FB +0.63%, or Justin Bieber, pop music icon, did not become successful overnight. They dedicated years to learning and perfecting their craft, during which they experienced disappointment, reinvention and, finally, success. Yes, they did not endure the decades of trial and error most of us have; yet that does not mean their success was void of effort, disappointment, struggle and the like.


12 thoughts on “The struggle in life

    1. life’s hard and yet some people manage to say it’s an easy job. thank you for reading i appreciate that


  1. I agree and really like this. I feel like one of the hardest things in life is becoming truly open-minded….but if ever achieved…
    it may not change the struggle you go through but certainly makes it appear so much eaiser and you take away so much more from each struggle 😁

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  2. You are the best. I’m actually a lazzy and unorganized person but, you are my MOTIVATER and I like your all blogs. Stay blessed and be Happy.

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